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Fairgoers find plenty to enjoy at 3-day event at Expo Center


Artie Phillips | Herald staff writer | 0 comments

BELTON — The Ford Central Texas State Fair held its 28th anniversary this Labor Day weekend, from Friday to Sunday at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton.

The fair is an event suitable for all ages, and families streamed into the Expo Center all weekend for the fair.

“Olivia has gone on the merry-go-round twice so far, and we have only been here an hour,” Robert Jarrett said of his daughter Sunday. “This is the first time we have come to this fair, and we like it so far.”

The Jarretts recently moved to Texas because Robert is stationed at Fort Hood.

In addition to the merry-go-round, the state fair also featured a petting zoo and pony rides for younger children and bungee jump rides and the infamous “drop zone” attraction that puts riders into a multistory free fall.

“We aren’t much of ride people ourselves, but she (Olivia) is really enjoying it, despite the heat,” Lisa Jarrett said. “She also won some stuffed animals at some of the games out here.”

Plenty of classic carnival games were spread out over the Expo Center’s parking lot, from balloon popping to the ring toss. There also were plenty of food vendors at the fair selling both hot and cold treats for visitors.

“We’ve only been here 20 minutes, and we have already done the petting zoo, the small roller coaster for the kids, and now they want to go on the swing ride,” Felicia Davis said, who was at the fair Sunday afternoon with her family.

“This is actually the very first fair I’ve been to, and really we came out for the kids,” Davis said.

All in all, both children and adults seemed to enjoy their time at the Central Texas State Fair.

“We will probably come out again next year, it is really nice,” Davis said. “I just hope it won’t be as hot.”

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